College Lutheran Church maintains an indoor Columbarium, a place for the repose of cremains (ashes from cremation) for members or close family of members.

Why a Columbarium?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ that we profess and believe proclaims with a sure and certain hope that the end of this earthly life is but a transition to life eternal for the baptized people of God. We begin that new life with a resurrected body which depends for its existence, not on any earthly remains, but on the grace and power of God.

Therefore, we Christians have a great deal of freedom in making decisions about the disposition of the earthly remains of our loved ones and ourselves. In-ground, casket burial has been a custom long-observed by many. However, today there is an excellent alternative to the very expensive practice of in-ground burial : cremation and inurment (placement) of the cremains in our church Columbarium.

We strongly urge you to consider the information explained here about Columbarium. If you would like to talk to someone about exploring this alternative approach, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Pastors. They will be glad to talk with you about the College Lutheran Church Columbarium at any time.

Our congregation joins many across the country which have found that provision for the inurment (placement) of cremains (ashes) provides a service to members of the congregation that not only recaptures the role of the parish as the caretaker for its members during this life and at its end, but is also responsible financial and ecological stewardship.

Today, traditional in-ground burials cost many thousands of dollars while cremation and Columbarium inurment cost only a fraction of that amount, freeing resources to help those yet living. Therefore, we encourage family members to use the funds saved to createa "Living Memorial" which honors the departed by benefiting the living.

There are many fine organizations which work to promote the welfare of people in need. Many such organizations can be accessed through College Lutheran Church. We invite you to discuss the opportunities to offer a Living Memorial to your loved one with our pastor.

Please consider pre-arrangement for yourself and/or family members. Contact our pastor to discuss your wishes with regard to the disposition of remains and the Service of Thanksgiving that will help us to celebrate the life of one who was a valued member of our community.

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