Cost Comparison

A comparison of costs between inurment in the columbarium at College Lutheran Church and in-ground burial shows the great difference betweeen the two. The cost of one niche in the College Lutheran Church Columbarium is $150.00. This one-time, inclusive, non-refundable fee is charged only for the purpose of covering the cost of Columbarium construction and the engraving of the identification name plate. This is a service to our members. There are additional costs related to cremation of remains (see below) charged by the funeral home. This page is intended to provide only an approximation of these costs. Costs vary widely depending upon the funeral home you choose. You will need to discuss what these additional costs will be with your funeral home director.

Costs for Cremation

Taken from NFDA's General Price List Survey, costs for cremation vary depending upon the services requested.

Casket Rental (or temporary casket**)
Columbarium Niche @ CLC
Total with Viewing
*NFDA's average for cremation
**Cremated with the remains

Costs for In-Ground Burial

Taken from NFDA's General Price List Survey, costs for in-ground burial vary greatly depending upon the services requested. For this comparison, some of the most commonly selected funeral home services were selected.

Professional service charges
Funeral (at funeral home)
Transfer to funeral home
Hearse (local)
Service car/van
Acknowledgement cards
Casket ($1800-$8000)
Grave Site and Vault
Opening and Closing of Grave
Total for in-ground burial 

The approximate difference between In-Ground Burial and Cremation with inurment at College Church is $5,000!! 

$5,000 will purchase 10 cows for needy families in Africa or South America, or send 12 children to school for a full year through the American God Parent Scholarship Foundation, a Living Memorial.